About us

Our church remains strong in our missions commitment and our covenant as stewards of God's grace in every area of our work. We are in good standing together in the Alabama-Georgia Association of the Congregational Christian Church and with the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (NACCC).

Our church believes in tithing not only to show appreciation for finances but sharing and tithing of talents, disciplines, and other resources. We encourage this in our families, our church, in our communities, and in our organizations through our members and our leaders.


Our families continue to use their giving jars to collect their pocket change in our "Coins for Christ" program. We have been able to support Fishers of Men, The Indian Community Fellowship, Echo, the Morgan Scott Project, Mar Elias Educational Institutions, and others by this simple regular process. And the giving continues today.

Do you know how it feels to stand by a warm fire on a cold winter's night? Do you remember the sound of the birds early in the morning on a spring day when the sun is starting to rise? These are the things that come to mind when you are a member of Center Church when you forget about the dust that has collected in the cracks since 1890 and you see the spirit that still lifts it and carries it beyond imaginable boundaries. 


Our church continues on a personal renewal and reaffirmation in our walk with Christ and as a Church. We follow St. Paul's exhortation to be Stewards of God Grace to all we meet (Ephesians 3:2).


© 2018 by Center Congregational Church. 

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